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Born on June 10th 1988, a vibrant and strong baby girl with sweetheart lips was christened Laurel Alice Williams by her mother, Kathy Pace and her father, Ken Williams. Laurel's shy childhood demeanor amongst strangers seemingly carried through into her mature years; however, those that knew her well, even as a child, were taken by her endearing silliness, charm and loveable nature. Laurel's healthy out look on life and genuine compassion for others created a presence that people gravitated to; her smile alone radiated energy and love.

Although a maturing young collegiate woman, Laurel found much happiness in the simple things life had to offer: sitting on her mom's lap-no matter her size or age, watching old family videos whenever possible, doing a vitamin dance with dad, wearing pink as a personal fashion staple and almost never taking a serious picture. A life filled with happiness and growth established the corner stones to her dreams of a successful future. A large part of Laurel's dreams and goals included college. She discovered psychology as a new found passion and path, connecting her love of children and personal experiences of hardship as a child to aspire and become a therapist or youth counselor. More than anything Laurel wanted to help others.

All these dreams and a life shattered in a horrible tragedy. In a split second, Laurel, my only child, and Ken's eldest daughter, is gone forever. When a few people make a few wrong decisions, lives change forever. The young man who was 22, bought liquor for 8- 10 minors, 2 of which were driven in a car on Oct 20th, 2007, from the house they were safely at, passed laurels home, to the car which would eventually lead to a horrific tragedy. Within a 30 minute interval Laurel went from life on earth to another place, which we pray, is heaven. The young men, the one who also bought alcohol for the minors, dropped off two girls… The driver, who hopped into her car with Laurel as the passenger, sped off witnesses stated. The driver drove off with our daughter in the care without her seatbelt buckled. They drove from Dublin, CA to Pleasanton, CA via Foothill Road. The car veered left and then crashed head on with an oncoming SUV driven by 70-year-old women. It then split right, spilling the driver through the passenger window over Laurel onto the pavement, where she lies bleeding and the other driver injured. Katie and the other victim were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but both survived. Laurel never had a chance, she was gone.

The driver was arrested, she had 3 times the legal limit of what the state of CA recognizes. After several months of court hearings, Katie settled with a plea for 4 years and two strikes on August 2008. She now is at Chowchilla State Prison. The young man who the purchased alcohol was arrested for providing alcohol to minors, which lead to great bodily injury. He recently took a plea after 17 months of freedom. The plea components are sentencing to three months in Santa Rita County Jail, 1,000 hours community service, one year of an interlocking breathe device, eight months of attending Alcohol Anonymous meeting twice weekly. Laurel has sweet messages left at her gravesite in a diary that stays there for visitors to write their prayers, thoughts, and special notes. We will miss her forever, the beautiful smiling face blowing a loving kiss.

laurel alice
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